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example_automated_debian_install_script @sysadmin:linux:debian
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/user-uid string 1010 # The user account will be added to some standard initial groups. To # override th... . # Note: options passed to the installer will be added automatically. #d-i debian-installer/add-kernel-o
pleroma @self-hosting
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styles.json'': (I used Pleroma's default and just added my theme to it.) You can find pleroma's default
request_tracker @self-hosting
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}" exit 1 ;; esac </code> Then I added the following to root's crontab: <code> * * * *
october_2019 @self-hosting:infrastructure_notes
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''TLSv1.1'' from ''/etc/nginx/nginx.conf'' - Added protocol ''TLSv1.3'' to ''/etc/nginx/nginx.conf''
syntax @wiki
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to produce any kind of HTML, it just needs to be added to the [[doku>entities|pattern file]]. There are
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