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y_size = 2048 </code> Restart PostgreSQL: <code bash> sudo systemctl restart postgresql </code> Now w... Log into the''psql'' console as a superuser:<code bash>sudo -u postgres psql</code> - Find and connect... earch'' (if installed), ''redis-server'')): <code bash>$ sudo apt remove fail2ban elasticsearch redis-se... (can free up almost 2 GB worth of space!)): <code bash>$ sudo userdel mastodon; sudo rm -rf /home/mastod
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a'' to read ''/opt/rt4/etc/''\\ <code bash> # chgrp www-data /opt/rt4/etc/ </cod... script to help control the RT process(es). <code bash> #!/bin/sh RTPATH=/opt/rt4 RTUSER=www-data case
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- Use ''pg_dump'' to backup the database:<code bash>sudo -Hu postgres pg_dump -d <database_name> -for... ''pg_restore'' to load the database back up:<code bash>sudo -Hu postgres pg_restore -d <database_name> -
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ic keys from Let's Encrypt's directories. <code bash> sudo ln -s /etc/letsencrypt/live/
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ric:** ''cat /etc/issue'' ===== grep ===== <code bash> grep -rnw 'PATH/TO/SEARCH' -e 'PATTERN' </code>
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and php-fpm for the changes to take effect: <code bash> $ sudo nginx -s reload $ sudo service php7.0-fpm
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.. success! ==== Update System Clock ==== <code bash> $ timedatectl set-ntp true $ timedatectl status
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autoconf autohotkey autoit avisynth awk bascomavr bash basic4gl batch bf biblatex bibtex blitzbasic bnf
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