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====== Backup/Restore PostgreSQL Database ====== ===== Backup ===== - Use ''pg_dump'' to backup the database:<code bash>sudo -Hu postgres pg_dump -d <database_name> -format-custom -f </path/to/backup/database.pgdump></code> ===== Restore ===== - Use ''pg_restore
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the extension, but we need to do it in the right database... - Log into the''psql'' console as a superus... psql</code> - Find and connect to your mastodon database:((''postgres=#'' is the prompt on my system.))<co... # \c mastodon_production You are now connected to database "mastodon_production" as user "postgres". </code>... home/mastodon</code> - Dump and unload mastodon database((see [[sysadmin:kb:backup_restore_postgresql_data
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t = 'localhost'; //localhost 99% of the time $database = 'database'; //your database /////////////////////////////////////////// // ... aming the query mysql_select_db($database) or die("<strong>FAIL!</strong> <em>".mysql_error
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e used the following command to restore Pleroma's database: <code> sudo -Hu postgres psql -d pleroma < pler... tune postgres to your server before restoring the database.((I didn't do this, and it took about an hour and a half to restore a 4G database on a fairly beefy server: 4@2.2GHz, 16G RAM, thou
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htforward. Though I ran into some issues with the database, so I needed to clean that up. The only "gotcha" ... de text> $ sudo -Hu postgres psql postgres=# drop database pleroma; postgres=# drop role pleroma; </code> I
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Databases ===== * [[Backup/Restore PostgreSQL Database]] ===== Email Clients ===== * [[FastMail Mono
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relational-databases/backup-restore/create-a-full-database-backup-sql-server?view=sql-server-2017|Backing Up
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