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[[|Mozilla Knowledge Base]]. However, there... pattern file]]. There are three exceptions which do not come from that pattern file: multiplication e... e the following syntax: <code> I think we should do it > No we shouldn't >> Well, I say we should > Really? >> Yes! >>> Then lets do it! </code> I think we should do it > No we sho
example_automated_debian_install_script @sysadmin:linux:debian
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confirmation, provided # that you told it what to do using one of the methods above. d-i partman-parti... e question that could be asked during an install, do an # installation, and then run these commands: #
mastodon @self-hosting
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t enable query stats from the dashboard, I had to do it manually. Add the following to your ''postgr... w we need to create the extension, but we need to do it in the right database... - Log into the''ps
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//////////////////////////// //Before we do anything, make sure we can connect to the mysql ... name="wordcount" method="post"> <strong>What do you want to count?</strong><br /> <textarea n
pleroma @self-hosting
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r server before restoring the database.((I didn't do this, and it took about an hour and a half to res
request_tracker @self-hosting
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her sites, something I couldn't figure out how to do with the [[
example_config_for_nextcloud @sysadmin:nginx
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fastcgi_buffers 64 4K; # Enable gzip but do not remove ETag headers gzip on; gzip_var
izzy_s_excellent_vegan_chocolate_chip_cookies @recipes
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the mixing in a stand mixer. A handheld one will do fine too but electric makes a huge difference in
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====== Projects ====== I do a lot of things. Here's central location to find out information about th
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