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====== Example Automated Debian Install Script ====== <code> #### Contents of the preconfiguration file (f... /debian d-i mirror/http/proxy string # Suite to install. #d-i mirror/suite string testing # Suite to use ... ls whether to use NTP to set the clock during the install d-i clock-setup/ntp boolean true # NTP server to ... # Base system installation # Configure APT to not install recommended packages by default. Use of this # op
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CLI ====== This quick guide will show you how to install a ''.deb'' package from the command-line. **Install package:** ''sudo dpkg -I DEB_PACKAGE'' **Install package dependencies:** ''sudo apt install -f''
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RT) because it was relatively straight-forward to install and is incredibly configurable. I set one up at w... Requirements: * uwsgi * uwsgi-plugin-psgi Install them with apt. I also noticed I had to allow ''w... reation ==== Using [[|this article]], I c
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====== Pleroma Source Install ====== <WRAP center round alert 60%> These instructions are outdated. I “mig... installation to OTP releases instead of a source install. Updated docs are at [[self-hosting:pleroma]] </
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Monospaced Plain Text Message Display ====== - Install **Greasemonkey** for Firefox: - Install this user script in Greasemonkey:
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Project Homepage: * [[Install Debian Package via CLI]] * [[Example Automated Debian Install Script]]
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ctions can be found at [[|DokuWiki's own documentation]]. ===== Downloadi... d my config file using [[|DokuWiki's example]]. I use [[https://cert
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roma]] - * [[Pleroma Source Install]] * [[PrivateBin]] -
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n/npm stop --production Restart=always SyslogIdentifier=Ghost [Install] </code>
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