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example_automated_debian_install_script @sysadmin:linux:debian
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ace select auto # To pick a particular interface instead: #d-i netcfg/choose_interface select eth1 # To s... b1 # Create the first user with the specified UID instead of the default. #d-i passwd/user-uid string 1010 ... ot loader (for x86). If you want lilo installed # instead, uncomment this: #d-i grub-installer/skip boolean... lt boolean true # This will power off the machine instead of just halting it. #d-i debian-installer/exit/po
pleroma @self-hosting
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o start using [[|Pleroma]] instead of [[|Mastodon]], specif... ues restoring with the ''pg_restore'' command, so instead I've used the following command to restore Plerom
pleroma_source_install @self-hosting
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ted. I “migrated” my installation to OTP releases instead of a source install. Updated docs are at [[self-... o start using [[|Pleroma]] instead of [[|Mastodon]], specif
syntax @wiki
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media format, then it will be displayed as a link instead. By adding ''?linkonly'' you provide a link to t... configuration. If disabled, the code is displayed instead of executed. ===== RSS/ATOM Feed Aggregation ===
dokuwiki @self-hosting
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center round info 60%> **Note:** I made it 26 MB instead of 25 MB in case I were to ever try to upload a 2
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