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== uwsgi ===== Using uwsgi, I've noticed the web process dies a lot less frequently, and the page load tim... ===== spawn-fcgi can be used to create the FCGI process that Nginx passes requests to. This is the comma... s well enough, but I've noticed after a while the process will die and I'd have to run that command agian. ==== Automating FCGI Process Creation ==== Using [[
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Anyway, find notes regarding roadblocks, issues, and other things that arise during the setup process.
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, or if things go wrong # during the installation process, it's possible that other questions may # be aske
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I'm using Pleroma's guide to help me through the process: -
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1 Hits, Last modified:|DokuWiki]] is a relatively straightforward process on Debian and it's derivatives. The gist of it is
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