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pleroma @self-hosting
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ns or customization, copy those changes, too. - Restart the Pleroma service. ==== Restore ==== - Stop ... 1 </path/to/backup_location/pleroma.pgdump>'' - Restart the Pleroma service. <WRAP center round tip 60%>
pleroma_source_install @self-hosting
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other modifications, copy those changes, too. - Restart the Pleroma service. ==== Restore ==== - Stop... restore -d <pleroma_db> -v -1 </path/to/backup_location/pleroma.pgdump>'' - Restart the Pleroma service.
mastodon @self-hosting
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= 10000 track_activity_query_size = 2048 </code> Restart PostgreSQL: <code bash> sudo systemctl restart postgresql </code> Now we need to create the extension, b
ghost_service @sysadmin:linux
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orm on boot. Also provides ''start'', ''stop'', ''restart'', and ''status'' commands. <code> [Unit] Descr... roduction ExecStop=/usr/bin/npm stop --production Restart=always SyslogIdentifier=Ghost [Install] WantedBy
dokuwiki @self-hosting
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ng a file that's //exactly// 25MB large. </WRAP> Restart nginx and php-fpm for the changes to take effect:... $ sudo nginx -s reload $ sudo service php7.0-fpm restart </code> ==== References ==== * [[doku>faq:upl
server_management @sysadmin:windows:tips_and_tricks
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//after// ''Rename-Computer'' so you only have to restart the computer once. </WRAP> <code powershell> Ad
request_tracker @self-hosting
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echo "Usage: /etc/init.d/rt { stop | start | restart }" exit 1 ;; esac </code> Then I
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