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[[doku>toolbar|quickbuttons]], too. ===== Basic Text Formatting ===== DokuWiki supports **bold**, //i... by a whitespace or the end of line. This is some text with some linebreaks\\ Note that the two backslas... espace \\this happens without it. This is some text with some linebreaks\\ Note that the two backsl... m or simply - You can set the link text as well: [[|This Link points
add_open_with_sublime_text_to_context_menu @sysadmin:windows:tips_and_tricks
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====== Add "Open with Sublime Text" to Context Menu ====== <code batch> @echo off SET st3Path=C:\Program Files\Sublime Text 3\sublime_text.exe rem add it for all file types @reg add "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\Open with Sublime Text" /t REG_SZ /v "" /d "Open with Sublime Te
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if($_POST['submit']){ //gets data from form $text = $_POST['text']; //names text $result = "<strong>Your text:</strong><br />\"".nl2br($text)."\"<br /><br />"; //tells you what you
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ont/opentype image/bmp image/svg+xml image/x-icon text/cache-manifest text/css text/plain text/vcard text/vnd.rim.location.xloc text/vtt text/x-component text/x-cross-domain-policy;
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rs 16 8k; # gzip_http_version 1.1; # gzip_types text/plain text/css application/json application/javascript text/xml application/xml application/xml+rss text/javascript; ## # Virtual Host Configs ## include /et
example_automated_debian_install_script @sysadmin:linux:debian
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r boolean false # Root password, either in clear text #d-i passwd/root-password password r00tme #d-i pa... matthew # Normal user's password, either in clear text d-i passwd/user-password password PASSWORD d-i pa... 1) # Optional password for grub, either in clear text #d-i grub-installer/password password r00tme #d-i
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greSQL Database]] * [[FastMail Monospaced Plain Text Message Display]] * [[SMTP Error Codes]] * [[
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ng on port 4000, which was causing issues. <code text> $ sudo -Hu postgres psql postgres=# drop databas
fastmail_monospaced_plain_text_message_display @sysadmin:kb
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====== FastMail Monospaced Plain Text Message Display ====== - Install **Greasemonkey** for Firefox:
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Context Menu ===== * [[Add "Open with Sublime Text" to Context Menu]] ===== Internet Explorer =====
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