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2020-02_windows_10_search_issue @sysadmin:kb
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ht before 2020-02-05, Microsoft seemed to push an update to Windows 10 devices breaking search.((https://w
example_automated_debian_install_script @sysadmin:linux:debian
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apt-setup/use_mirror boolean false # Select which update services to use; define the mirrors to be used. #
raspberry_pi @raspberry_pi
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nterface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev update_config=1 network={ ssid="SSID" psk="PASS
example_config_for_nextcloud @sysadmin:nginx
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ocation ~ ^/(?:index|remote|public|cron|core/ajax/update|status|ocs/v[12]|updater/.+|ocs-provider/.+)\.php
arch_linux @projects:notes
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.service'' ''ping''... success! ==== Update System Clock ==== <code bash> $ timedatectl set-
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