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pleroma @self-hosting
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moji/ When I was done with Pleroma's docs, all I had was a bunch of emojis on my filesystem. The docs ... zation ===== ==== Changing Default Theme ==== I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to change the d... ou may need to create that directory. Now that I had my theme on the server, I needed to tell Pleroma ... { theme: "pleroma-purple" } </code> I also had to create ''/var/lib/pleroma/static/static/styles
request_tracker @self-hosting
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in-psgi Install them with apt. I also noticed I had to allow ''www-data'' to read ''/opt/rt4/etc/RT_C
the_world_s_easiest_cinnamon_rolls @recipes
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his recipe gluten free, however, many of you have had success with a blend of slept flour or whole whea
mastodon @self-hosting
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couldn't enable query stats from the dashboard, I had to do it manually. Add the following to your ''
dokuwiki @self-hosting
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mit from the default 2 MB. Since I use Nginx, I had to modify the following line in my site configura
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