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These instructions are outdated. I “migrated” my installation to OTP releases instead of a source install. Updated docs are at Self_Hosted:Pleroma.

I've decided to start using Pleroma instead of Mastodon, specifically for the lighter footprint. It was after reading this article that I made my decision.

The new instance of Pleroma will live at


I'm using Pleroma's guide to help me through the process:

Setup was pretty straightforward. Though I ran into some issues with the database, so I needed to clean that up. The only "gotcha" I ran into was: I installed Pleroma on the same server Mastodon was running on previously. Mastodon was also running on port 4000, which was causing issues.

$ sudo -Hu postgres psql
postgres=# drop database pleroma;
postgres=# drop role pleroma;

I also made sure to turn off public registration, in prod.secrets.exs:

config :pleroma, :instance,
    registrations_open: false,

I then went through Pleroma's own security hardening guide:

Backup/Restore your instance


  1. Stop the Pleroma service.
  2. Go to the working directory of Pleroma (default is /opt/pleroma)
  3. Run sudo -Hu postgres pg_dump -d <pleroma_db> --format-custom -f </path/to/backup_location/pleroma.pgdump>
  4. Copy pleroma.pgdump, config/prod.secret.exs, and the uploads folder to your backup destination. If you have other modifications, copy those changes, too.
  5. Restart the Pleroma service.


  1. Stop the Pleroma service.
  2. Go to the working directory of Pleroma (default is /opt/pleroma)
  3. Copy the above mentioned files back to their original position.
  4. Run sudo -Hu postgres pg_restore -d <pleroma_db> -v -1 </path/to/backup_location/pleroma.pgdump>
  5. Restart the Pleroma service.